A letter from Carol Takahashi, Granddaughter of the artists...

Yoneguma and Kiyoka worked hard and held a dream for their family. Their dream was of a better future for the generations to come. Through their many sacrifices, our family became their American Dream.

Yoneguma and Kiyoka's belief, that family value is the true basis of all stability, has firmly embedded itself in our lives. By their example our family continues their legacy of kindness and generosity towards others, as well as honesty and forthrightness, at all times. They taught us to accept criticism graciously, to learn from our mistakes and to remember always that self-respect is the cornerstone of all virtue.

Through education we can all work to become the very best we can be. But, by the lives of our elders we can achieve an understanding of what it means to remain hopeful during the good and bad times and to appreciate the beauty and inspiration that nature offers each and every one of us.

In the pages of this website you will catch a glimpse of a time in history that affected many American lives. And, like the wings of a hummingbird if you listen for a time you will hear the gentle sound of five generations of Takahashi family honor.

I proudly welcome you to join in celebrating Yoneguma and Kiyoka, their quiet strength and rich history.

Carol Takahashi

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